Systems Features

Acoustic / light signalling in case of intrusion in the security zone

Encryption and restricted access to protect privacy

Adjustable safety distance threshold (between 1 and 3 meters)

Precise and timely reconstruction of the contacts over the previous 14 days

Local storage of contacts from previous weeks

Anonymous analysis of social distancing data collected in the workplace or monitored area

High scalability of the solution, from small businesses to large industries

Systems Components

PERSONAL LOGGER Covid Wearable Device
  • Personal wearable device
  • Contacts registration below the proximity threshold (ID of neighbours and time marker)
  • 1 minute time resolution measurement
  • Stand-alone mode available (data storage in the internal memory without data transmission)
GATEWAY (optional) comp2
  • Receives contacts data from personal loggers and automatically transmits them to the database
  • A single Gateway is enough for all Loggers
  • Through the Gateway it is possible to send firmware updates to the loggers
SERVER/CLOUD Covid Monitoring
  • Maximum flexibility in data analysis
  • The database allows using data for statistical analysis of worker behaviour in order to intervene in real time
  • Customizable user interface


Work safety


Fairs/congress centers


The PAM system is suitable for industrial and recreational applications.
Operating with a rechargeable battery operates both indoors and outdoors

How it Works


Monitor and record in the internal memory all meetings up to 5m away within two weeks


Alerts the user with an acoustic and luminous signal if the safety threshold is exceeded


Data collection through a gateway that sends it to the server in an encrypted mode


The software platform allows system setup and anonymous data analysis

Daily data acquisition and statistics software

The software detects the proximity of up to 12 simultaneous presences and up 5 m distance, much higher than the density of people allowed by the safety regulations.

By setting a reference threshold corresponding to a user defined distance (e.g. 2.5m), it is possible to obtain the duration of the close contact by analyzing the collected data.

Collecting and storing the data below the threshold, it is possible to obtain a “cohabitation index” or the permanence in the same spaces for prolonged times, even at not close distances.


User Manuals

Istruzioni Logger (ITA)
Manuale Sistema PAM (ITA)


Leaflet (ENG)
Leaflet (ITA)

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